*Our credit card processor charges a $3 transaction fee for each payment.

** The Year Round package is all inclusive. There will be no discounts for partial participation.

***Participation in the First Class Performance Training is encouraged for all Elite Red and White team players who do not select the year round fee.

****Spring/Summer season fee includes Southern Stars Spring League

Optional Programs:

First Class Performance Training plus on-line portal**     $375 for 8 sessions or $85 per session
Will Bradley Sports Performance Training                           $275
Travel Box, Tryout Required             $25 Reg, $395 field player, $295 Goal Keeper
Winter Warehouse Training                                                    $325
Triad BoxLa League                                                                 $125
Winter Indoor Premier High School League                        $125
Southern Stars Spring League                                               $350
High Impact Youth Lacrosse Camp                                      $125


Items Not Included in Program Fee:

Fall Registration Fee                                                                                                   $25
Uniform Kit (Entering 1st year of 2 year uniform kit cycle in Fall 2021)          $175
Practice Uniform Kit                                                                                                   $50
Cascade XRS helmet and decals                                                                           $300
Gloves                                                                                                                         $150



In order to be considered for an Elite Red or White team, families must understand and agree to the time commitment before accepting a spot on the team.

NC Fusion reserves the right to make roster changes if a player does not attend at least 85% of training and tournaments.

The registration fee is paid before evaluations.  This fee covers evaluators and all admin associated with registration/placement process.

Program fees cover the following: coaches, directors, administration, fields/facility rentals, marketing and communication, insurance, training equipment, background checks, coaching education, tournament fees and coaches travel.

Players must register and pay for supplemental programs not offered in the year round package.

We are entering a new 2 year uniform cycle for the Fall 2021 season.  All players will be required to purchase a new uniform.  The cost of the uniform is not included in the program fees and are estimated to be around $175.

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