Level 1

  • Operated by NC Fusion LAX
  • Year Round Program
  • Top Level Teams/Players
  • Full Year Commitment
  • Represent the Region
  • Training location across Triad
  • 1 team at most age groups, but possibly 2 with quality and critical mass

Level 2

  • Operated by NC Fusion LAX
  • 2 Seasons per year
  • Multi sport players
  • Optional Supplemental ”Level 4” Opportunities
  • Players u15 and under would be encouraged to play Level 3 as well*
  • Teams based out of Geohubs (East, Central, West), with goal of forming 1 team per Geohub with critical mass

Level 3

  • Operated by PCLA
  • Main season is Spring, but possible Fall season
  • Kindergarten “FUTURES” through u15
  • Optional Supplemental ”Level 4” Opportunities
  • Grow the Game – New associations in Triad
  • Teams based out of Local PCLA associations

Level 4

  • Operated by NC FUSION LAX
  • Goal is to support Recreation and the growth of LAX in the Triad through:
    • Coaching Education Programs
    • Player Development Clinics/Camps
    • Indoor Box Lacrosse
    • Tournaments – Freedom Cup, Pumpkin Classic, Host LAX Fest, HS Showcases, etc
    • Middle School League
    • Technical Support/Advice for PCLA

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