Libby Bowen – Always Putting Her Teammates Before Herself

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Libby Bowen is a player that has been a part of our program since 6th grade. When I think of a humble athlete, specifically a lacrosse player in the triad, she comes to my mind first. Libby is a two year captain for the Reynolds High School team, and will be a freshman in the fall of 2019 at Furman.

Libby is a finesse lacrosse player, that is always looking out for the greater good for her team. Libby is a role model through her sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence and respect for those around her. Libby has worked tirelessly to improve her game, and seeks advice on how to improve her leadership to assist in her teams success. Libby always takes responsibility for her performance, welcoming critique, and keeping her focus on things she can control. She’s mature enough to celebrate the wins, and graciously learns from a defeat, recognizing and crediting an opponent that performs better. Libby is respectful of her teammates and coaches, giving gratitude in all situations. Libby will best be remembered for her composure and delightful presence, and for always putting her teammates before herself.

Lyndsey Boswell
Director Panthers Lacrosse Club and High Point University Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach

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